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November 23, 2015



       On November 11, 2015, the room snickered as the first student raised his hand high and reached for the microphone. It wasn’t that we thought asking questions was worth snickering at—that’s what we were all there to do. So what made it funny? Senator Chris Coon...

November 18, 2015


       The world mourns as Paris aches with the pain of falling victim to a series of terrorist attacks in which hundreds of people were wounded or killed. From halfway around the world, safely home in the US, it is all I can do to keep those affected in my thoughts a...

November 10, 2015


       Despite its absence from the Torah, the Maccabee’s story is an integral part of Jewish holiday celebrations, namely that of Hanukkah. We all know the story of how this small group stood up for Judaism and defeated those destroying Jerusalem. The city was decima...

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The Trip of a Lifetime

February 19, 2019

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