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On November 18th, UD students and community members came together to support the Lone Soldier Center in memory of Michael Levin. Michael’s sister, UD alum Elisa Levin Mindlin, started the night by sharing the story of her brother and how the organization was started.

Michael moved to Israel from Philadelphia in 2002 to fulfill his dream of serving in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). At just 21 years of age, Michael was tragically killed in the Second Lebanon War. He is remembered as an American hero and his legacy lives on today through the Lone Soldier Center and the documentary “A Hero in Heaven”.

Elisa said, “Not even a day after his death my family, we all kind of talked about it and said well we have to do something”.

Comedy for a Cause raised awareness about the support lone soldiers need. UD Hillel also collected donations items that their winter Taglit-Birthright Israel group will deliver to the Lone Soldier Center in Jerusalem this January.

UD Hillel’s Interim Executive Director Donna Schwartz explains that lone soldiers are “Americans and people from anywhere in the world that leave their family and decide that they want to fight to defend Israel in the IDF”.

There are over 5,700 lone soldiers currently serving in the IDF. Donating requested items for the lone soldiers like toothpaste, socks and deodorant helps to strengthen the connection between Delaware and Israel.

University of Delaware’s improv group, The Rubber Chickens, got the crowd laughing before Comedian Benji Lovitt took the stage. Benji gave a hilarious performance, sharing his stories of his failed attempts to fit into Israeli culture as an American. “You know, laughter can express a message in a way that other mediums or media cannot”.

The night was a huge success. Thank you to the Stape & Marcus Family Foundation for supporting this special event.

UD improv group The Rubber Chickens gets the crowd laughing before Comedian Benji Lovitt takes the stage. Photo Credit: Nicole Wasilus

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