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Rebecca Glinn's Senior Story

Hillel makes me feel like a little kid again.

I have clear memories of attending Friday night services as a child with my extended family. I remember all the prayers we chanted and the tunes we used. I would feel jealous that my cousins could attend Junior Congregation when I was too young. I remember the excitement of the reaching the Oneg where I would fill up on black and white cookies and chocolate brownies. These nights have shaped my Jewish identity by demonstrating that Judaism is not just a religion, it's a culture and a community.

I have not always been super involved in Hillel. When I came to college it was difficult to prioritize my Judaism over work and classes. However, no matter what got in the way, I was always welcome at a vibrant Friday night service, like the ones that I loved so much as a child, at Hillel. While I didn't go every week, it was important that it was always there.

I joined the senior committee to ensure that future students will have the same sense of community that I had. Attending the University of Delaware would not have been the same without Hillel, and I hope that you'll join and support me in giving a gift today.

-Rebecca Glinn

Class of 2018, University of Delaware

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