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Have you been to Israel before? If yes, when? If so, what were your favorite places and/or moments?

I have been to Israel twice!

Once was back in 2012 on a trip called the March of the Living, although more recently, I went this past January on Taglit-Birthright Israel through UD Hillel! While I loved the whole country, my favorite places would have to be the Western Wall and the Dead Sea. Both are unique landmarks in Israel and being able to experience them both was unforgettable.

My favorite moment was every moment I got to spend in the Jewish homeland!

What is your favorite Hebrew word? Why?


It is such a versatile and happy word that doesn't necessarily have a direct English translation. 


What is your favorite Jewish Holiday? Why?


It comes around once a week and is such a joyful time to be able to spend with friends and family. Also, of course because Challah is delicious.


What is your favorite Jewish memory? Why? Who was there? What does it mean to you? Has it affected your Jewish identity in any way?

My favorite Jewish memory would have to be the entirety of my time spent in Israel. Each trip I went on helped to shape my Jewish identity and strengthen my pride as a Jewish man simply through the act of being able to see and experience the Jewish homeland. I was able to do this all with a group of strangers who quickly became some of my closest friends, which helped to make the experience everything that it was for me. 


What is your favorite Jewish food? Why? Whose recipe?


It's such a traditional and delicious food that reminds me of being with family during the holidays. 

And my mother's recipe, of course!

Any other comments?

Going to Israel has been the single most profound and life-changing experience I've had in my life. I would 100% recommend going on Birthright to anyone who is eligible. Taglit-Birthright Israel!

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