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Blue Hens for Israel is for students who are interested in all aspects of Israeli culture. We draw students who would like to take an active pro-Israel stance on campus to spread awareness and gain student involvement in educating about all the wonderful things Israel has to offer. We have no religious or political affiliations, we just want to celebrate the great state of Israel and support her here at the University of Delaware.

President: Talia Feldman 


 We create various programs to celebrate the holidays and teach cultural traditions, which any student can appreciate. We strive to execute innovative events to attract new members and appeal to a wide population of students. 


Every semester we host a variety of unique social and cultural events that explore all aspects of Judaism. We love to be together, whether it be celebrating a holiday, cooking and eating, or at our weekly Shabbat services. We aim to form a dynamic, exciting, and friendly community. 

President: Jeremy Davis


UD Hillel’s Matzah Ball Soup Hotline is a FREE service that we provide to UD students. 

Help make and deliver matzah ball soup to students who aren't feeling well!


This club raises awareness and money for Save a Child's Heart, an organization in Israel who's mission is to improve the level of pediatric cardiac care throughout the world.

Presidents: Jessie Klar and Anya Braverman


 Hillel Student Life is the central address for Jewish life on campus. We unite all of the Jewish groups under the Hillel umbrella and come together to put on big programs, especially at the beginning and end of each semester. Some of our past programs include concerts, comedians, barbecues and amazing speakers.


ImpACT is a community of freshmen working together to learn leadership skills that will help you advance as a Jewish leader.


It is an 8-week workshop which will include a free dinner every week, including topics such as getting what you want out of college and leadership styles 



 University of Delaware's local Challah for Hunger chapter. Each week students bake and sell challah for charity. Currently, Challah for Hunger at UD Hillel is supporting the Food Bank of Delaware and Challah for Hunger International's partner, Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger.


 To order your challah for this Friday, fill out the order form here!

For more info contact Blair Sehnitzer 

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