We know that starting college can be a stressful time. Hillel is here to help connect you to other freshmen, upperclassmen, and resources on campus. Here are a few of our programs designed exclusively for freshmen.

Summer Hangouts

Join us every week in August for Zoom hangouts. From game nights and Q&As to wellness events and convos by major, we've got you covered. Come meet new friends. Email Hilary for more info.

If you have any questions, contact Hilary at

impACT Fellowship

Want to meet new people while learning how to slay college? impACT is for you! You'll meet weekly with a group of freshmen to learn leadership skills, the ins and outs of UD, and how to get the most of your four years. Your group will be facilitated by two upperclassmen who couldn't be more excited that you've joined the Blue Hen family.

Freshmen Fest

Who doesn't love getting a head start on college? With Freshmen Fest you not only get to move in two days early, but you also get a head start on making friends. You'll be in small groups with other freshmen from your dorm and have amazing upperclassmen leaders to help introduce you to all that UD has to offer!