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Whether it's taking time to reflect by yourself, gathering with friends, or connecting with new people, how you celebrate is up to you! Join us every Friday for a free, home-cooked Shabbat dinner in our backyard.

We have services every week at 5pm. You can also have the option of leading your own service! 

Shabbat at Hillel

Meals: Shabbat meal registration comes out every Sunday (check your UD email or our instagram account)! Register by Wednesday at midnight. Meals will be outdoors and in-person starting at 6 pm. 

Services: Every week they will be at 5:15 pm.


How does this work? You RSVP through our Shabbat form and then come to Hillel on Friday. It's seriously that easy!


Am I welcome at Shabbat? Do you enjoy free, home-cooked meals? You do!? Then this is for you! All Hillel programs are not only open to everyone whether you consider yourself Jewish, Jew-ish, or not Jewish, but they're designed to be welcoming for you no matter how you identify. We seriously can't wait to see/meet you!


What should I wear? There’s no dress code! We invite you to come as you are, dressed in whatever makes you feel at home. 


Where is Hillel? We’re located at the Kristol Center near Trabant. Here’s our address: 47 W. Delaware Ave Newark, DE 19711. Want someone to walk with? Message one of the staff members! We love helping people make new friends so don't be shy!


Are there prayer services? Do I have to come to them? Services begin around 5 pm. You’re welcome to come to services, join students who are hanging out, or you can come just in time for dinner! Whenever you show up, you’re welcome here.


Do I have to pay for meals? Our Shabbat meals are paid for by generous donors - current UD students do not have to pay!


Soooo let's say I'm stuck in quarantine, what are my options? First of all, we hope you're feeling OK and not too bored! If you have a friend who is able to pick up and deliver your dinner to you that works! If not, we'll try to find a volunteer to bring your food.


There are a lot of COVID cases...will this be safe? There's a concept in Judaism called pikuach nefesh that is about preserving life/keeping people safe. There's literally nothing more important in Judaism and we take this super seriously. We wear masks & gloves while we make your food & all Shabbat activities will be taking place outside.

Shabbat Your Way

Interested in creating your own Shabbat Experience? Consider hosting and celebrating Shabbat in the comfort and safety of your home! Email Rabbi Jeremy ( to inquire more about this.


Our guide will help you create a meaningful Shabbat experience.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to email Rabbi Jeremy ( We hope to see you at a Shabbat soon!

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