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Join hundreds of students across the country as they transform Jewish life for their peers.


Build relationships. Connect to Jewish life. Create meaningful Jewish opportunities.


Student Engagement Internships are designed to dramatically enhance Jewish life on campus. Each campus employs a cohort of students with broad social networks to build relationships with uninvolved Jewish students over the course of a year. Each intern is charged with building relationships with uninvolved Jewish students on campus. Serving as a resource to meaningful opportunities, the Student Engagement Interns strive to advance Jewish values in the context of their relationships. Interns strive to understand students' interests, passions, and aspirations - and connect them to opportunities that the students may find meaningful and engaging. Student Engagement Interns are given a budget to plan initiatives that identify them as relevant and Jewish, enable them to meet uninvolved Jewish students and follow-up with them in authentic, comfortable, and open way. Initiatives have the dual purpose of attracting uninvolved students and advancing Jewish values.

MEET OUR 2019 – 2020 COHORT

Rachel Titus

Class of 2021 | Hometown: Hockessin, Delaware

Involved in: Alpha Delta Pi, Lori's Hands, Research

"Going into my first year of college, I wasn't sure how involved I wanted to be in Jewish life on campus. It took a while to warm up to go to the Hillel events, but the students and staff made it an easy transition. Being a CEI has broadened my view on what life in college can be like. The friends I've made with other interns and through Hillel have become friends I will have for life. The connections we make are incomparable and I love helping people form a deeper interest in the Jewish community on campus."

Lindsay Hawtof

Class of 2021| Hometown: Newark, DE

Involved in: Chorale & UD Phonetics and Phonology Lab

"Becoming involved with CEI was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only was I immediately surrounded by amazing driven peers, but I also was encouraged and motivated by others to be the best version of myself. I absolutely love how I now get to connect with college students that I otherwise would not have gotten the opportunity to meet. I used to be skeptical of meeting new people, but this experience is showing me that no matter what our backgrounds are, Judaism is a bond that brings us all together as a community. I hope to show others this as well."

Max Schenkman

Class of 2021 | Hometown: Smithtown, NY

Involved in: Alpha Epsilon Pi | Engagement Focus: Males in Greek Life 


"Coming from a reform family in a not very Jewish town, the significant Jewish community here at UD has allowed me to think about what it means to be Jewish. I also take great pride in being in AEPi, the Jewish fraternity, and want to expand the Jewish community on campus by reaching out to those involved in Greek Life. I would love to give the amazing experience I’ve had so far to others who have not yet taken part."

Aldyn Flavin

Class of | Hometown: 

Involved in: 

Alyssa Osman

Class of | Hometown: 

Involved in: 

Caitie Walsh

Class of | Hometown: Somers, NY

Involved in: Tri Delta, UDab, Snowbums

"Being a CEI has allowed me to fully immerse myself into the Jewish community here at UD. As a transfer student, I was very hesitant to even start going to Hillel and didn’t have very many Jewish relationships my first semester here. However, CEI engaged me more in jewish life on campus and has also given me the opportunity to reach out to others that may be in a similar situation to mine. I have also met countless people I probably would not have any other way and have made many meaningful relationships that will continue to play a major role in my college experience."

Dalia Handelman

Class of | Hometown: 

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