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Looking for experiences that help you grow as a professional while helping the Jewish community at UD? We got you covered. Each of these internships will be virtual and will be 2-4 hours per week. While they are unpaid they'll come with mentorship from a Hillel staff member and a letter of reference upon successful completion.

Looking for a different type of internship than we have proposed? You also have the option of proposing your own internship. This internship should both benefit you and Hillel. If you want to talk through an idea before submitting it, feel free to reach out to Hilary at


All students are encouraged to apply, and prior participation with Hillel and student leadership with the Jewish community are not required. 

An Internship with UD Hillel provides:


  • Professional experience working with a non-profit organization

  • Resume building skills including: relationship building, community development, project management, outreach, data management, and communication

  • An opportunity for direct impact 

  • Access to leadership development, professional development, and staff resources

  • Opportunities for Jewish learning in tradition and personal Jewish identity

  • Supervision/mentorship with a Hillel staff member

  • A strong reference for any student who successfully completes the internship

Curriculum & Cohort Development Intern

  • Edit and format cohort facilitator & participant guides so they look presentable and are easy to follow

  • Review curriculum from other Hillels and adapt them to work for UD students

  • Interview students and based on their feedback develop the curriculum for a new cohort that is associated with personal or professional development for students

Data Entry Intern 

  • Assist in the management of Hillel's database

  • Clean up data to make sure that it is accurate and useful

  • Ensure information is accurate, complete, and up to date

  • Create reports that can be used throughout the year


Development Intern 

  • Interview students/alumni and create profiles/articles about them

  • Work on a multimedia element (potentially an accompanying video) 

  • Identify students with good stories that we haven’t yet told

  • Help with outreach to families whose students appear in the report

  • Clean donor data / integration into Constant Contact

  • Create a marketing portfolio to be used at meetings with potential donors​

Freshmen & Prospective Student Outreach Intern 

  • Design creative materials to distribute to prospective students 

  • Create opportunities for incoming students to connect with each other and current UD students

  • Reach out to various networks to connect with them and share information about Hillel & identify incoming Jewish students

  • Design an eye-catching prospective student page on the website 

  • Help develop Hillel presence at virtual NSO


Jewish Learning Intern

  • Assist in refining and visioning curricula for current Jewish learning cohorts, including Did Jew Know?, How to Drink Like a Grownup, and others.

  • Convene groups of students to understand what are the biggest questions they have about their Jewish identities and areas of interest connected to Israel.

  • Work to deepen overall Jewish learning components to various internships and cohort groups.

  • Review Jewish educational offerings from other organizations, to determine what resources already exist and might be useful.

Marketing & Social Media Intern 

  • Create a social media plan & calendar to help engage students throughout the summer

  • Manage Hillel’s social media accounts, keeping in mind different target markets (students, parents, etc)

  • Design graphics for social media and newsletters

  • Track analytics and give suggestions for ways to improve Hillel’s presence

  • Update the website as necessary

Website Intern 

  • Use Wix to re-design Hillel's website

  • Talk to staff, students, and parents to understand how they use the website

  • Review other Hillel websites to get different design ideas

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