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Doug Hershman AEPi Leadership Fund

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Jewish life at UD and Greek life at UD are thriving and now is a critical time to ensure that the brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi (“AEPi”) have the tools and support to thrive and lead. The establishment of the Doug Hershman AEPi Leadership Fund is being founded to honor an AEPi brother that embodied the meaning of brotherhood. While raising a young family, Doug single handedly found the time to make sure that his beloved fraternity continued to exist and have a presence on the UD campus. A selfless leader, Doug effortlessly enabled hundreds of Jewish young men through the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s to build brotherhood bonds that will last a lifetime.

The mission of AEPi is to provide education, resources and training to the future leaders of the world's Jewish communities. The Jewish leaders of tomorrow are members of our chapters today. Throughout the history of AEPi, the fraternity setting has served as fertile ground for young men to grow into leaders in business, education, government, religion and science. Common values and character are established through brotherhood activities and specialized programming. With additional support, AEPi can offer more opportunities for the Brothers to embrace their Jewish identity, become the community leaders of the future and build brotherhood that lasts a lifetime.

AEPi and UD Hillel have had a long standing partnership over the years. Hillel has played an important role in advocating for AEPi's presence at UD and has been a very gracious supporter of the fraternity. Collaborative efforts between Hillel and AEPi have included building a Sukkah, Shabbat dinners and a host of other activities. Additionally, dozens of Fraternity Brothers have traveled to Israel on Birthright through Hillel and held many leadership positions within the Hillel organization.

Over the years, Hillel has provided much financial support to AEPi brothers so they could comfortably be engaged in Jewish life on the UD campus. Without Hillel’s existence, this would not have been possible. This is why UD Hillel is the perfect partner for AEPi to attain its leadership mission described above.

The Details

Working together with Hillel, the Doug Hershman AEPi Leadership Fund will assist supporting:

Impactful Jewish Experiences

  • AEPi Shabbat dinner each semester and an annual Brotherhood Passover seder

  • Holocaust education and commemoration

  • AEPi-hosted Israel and Jewish programming to educate the college community on anti-semitism

  • Jewish holiday celebrations to provide richer Sukkot and Hanukkah experiences amongst the Brothers

  • Jewish cultural events to teach the Brothers to take pride in their identity

Leadership Development

  • Active AEPi participation in impACT, a special ten-part series where students reflect on their leadership skills and values; meeting and learning from prominent Jewish leaders and Jewish cohorts

  • Invitations to AEPi Brothers to join the Hillel staff in attending professional Jewish conferences and training across the country including the Jewish Federations of North America General Assembly and the National AIPAC Conference in Washington, DC. and AEPi's annual conference

  • The ability for multiple Brothers to attend the annual AEPi conference

  • Providing leadership training for AEPi Brothers to become advocates for Jewish life within the Greek community at UD

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