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Passover 2021

Mah nishtanah -- is one of the most popular songs/parts of the Passover seder and it means, what’s different? For the past year we've been saying mah nisthanah! We’re so excited to celebrate Passover together as a UD community! For those in Newark, we hope you won’t think of this as Passover away from home but as Passover in YOUR home. We’re here to help you create warm and meaningful experiences right here on campus. We know that this will be a memorable Passover because we’re spending it together. 


Looking for delicious and free food for your seder? Whether you're planning to join one of our Zoom seders, celebrating with your roommates, want to join a socially distanced picnic seder, or just want a festive dinner...we got you!

Not in Newark? Join us for one of our Zoom Seders!


What is better than a homemade meal at college? Two homemade meals every day for a week! Whether you keep Kosher for Passover or just want to skip the bread for a day, make sure to sign up for a *free* lunch or dinner!

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