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How to Drink Like a Grown-Up

Calling All Seniors!

"How to Drink Like a Grown Up was not only one of my favorite activities as a Hillel senior, but one of my favorites in all of my four years at UD Hillel.


How to Drink Like a Grown Up was important for many reasons. The events made the senior Jewish community closer and helped us through the difficult senior year stage of preparing for another major life transition. The students who attended the events over the year became very connected to one another on a close personal level, as well as became very close with the Hillel staff who participated.


In How to Drink Like a Grown Up, we explored what it meant to be grown up, how our perceptions of ourselves had changed, how our goals and desires had transformed, how we saw our lives in the future, spanning from relationships to jobs to friendships, and how Judaism could play a role in guiding us in the future.


How to Drink Like a Grown Up was an event of honesty, growth, and understanding where senior students discussed many things they all think about but don’t often have a place to talk about in a supportive group setting. I personally learned a lot being able to reflect on my life over the last four years out loud with my hillel friends and hear their various perspectives on the future.


I always considered UD Hillel to be my home away from home at University and the How To Drink Like a Grown Up kept me close to hillel and involved in the community, even as I moved closer to graduation."



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