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Each program will meet by cohorts, every other week, throughout the semester unless otherwise noted. You must be able to commit to the entire semester in order to register. Not sure what is right for you? Email Zoe,, for help!
Check back later for 2021 Cohorts! Take a look at some previous ones for now!

AEPi Leadership Development

The term leader is thrown around all the time, but what does it really take to be a leader? We'll explore different aspects of leadership that will help you in AEPi and throughout your career.



Open to current AEPi Brothers

Meets Thursdays at 3pm starting Jan 7th

Led by Hilary

The Bachelor Debrief

Let's be real, watching the Bachelor is great, but debriefing is the greatest! We'll debrief, gossip, and talk about a Jewish connection in each week's epsidoe that you may not have even noticed!



Open to all students

Meets Thursdays at 4pm starting Jan 7th

Led by Zoe

Book Club-Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor

Have you ever needed to have a conversation, but didn’t know where to start? In Letters to my Palesteninan Neighbor, author Yossi Klein Halevi attempts to break down the walls between Israelis and Palestinians with the hopes of personalizing a conflict that has defined a region. Join me as we read, gather, and try our best to unravel faith and pride. Will we solve the conflict? No. But will we learn and grow? Absolutely.

Open to all students

Meets Thursdays at 3pm starting Jan 7th

Led by Cassie

Cultivating a Spiritual Practice

Jewish tradition offers us a a range of actions, practices, and ideas that can provoke, perplex, ground, or soothe us. Join Rabbi Nick explore some of the simplest—yet most startlingly profound—of these practices to see what they may reveal to us in challenging times.


Open to all students

Meets Mondays at 5pm starting Jan 4th

Led by Rabbi Nick

Drink Like a Grownup: Adulting

Bring an adult beverage (for those 21+) and join Rabbi Nick for conversation about adulting and Judaism. Limited to seniors who weren't in the Fall group.



sOpen to all seniors

Meets Tuesdays at 7pm starting Jan 5th

Led by Rabbi Nick

Finding Your True North

Can you recall the last time when you felt profoundly alive? A moment when you could say with confidence, “This is the real me?” Find your truth North this winter by discovering your authentic self with Hillel. We’ll spend six weeks getting really real with ourselves, and how we want to be in the world.

Open to all students

Meets Wednesdays at 3pm starting Jan 6th

Led by Zoe

Hillel Declassified: Home Survival Guide

Being at home during college can bring about an abundance of feelings. Join us in reflecting on the challenges and joy of life at home with an eye on how to bring out the best in ourselves and those around us.

Open to all students

Meets Tuesdays at 4pm starting Jan 5th

Led by Samantha Haas ('21) and Zoe 

Hillel Fresh: Desserts

Satisfy your sweet tooth every Friday at Hillel Fresh: Jewish Desserts edition! Make your bubbe (grandma) proud with these cakes and cookies. And the best part? They’ll be ready just in time for Shabbat (whether you normally celebrate or not)! No prior baking or cooking skills needed.


Open to all students

Meets Fridays at 2pm starting Jan 8th

Led by Melanie Ezrin ('21) & Cassie

Hillel Fresh: Shabbat

Join Hillel Fresh in cooking an assortment of Shabbat foods! From traditional American Jewish holiday favorites, to Tunisian rarities, and Israeli innovations, we'll be covering a range of foods. Whether you just learned the recipe for ice cubes or you're an accomplished chef, all levels of experience welcome!

Open to all students

Meets Fridays at 12pm starting Jan 8th

Led by Jake Pierson ('24) & Rabbi Nick

Leadership Lab

Do you hold a leadership role with Hillel and want to take it to the next level? Develop leadership skills while learning about their connection to Judaism and connecting with other Jewish leaders at UD. 

Open to leaders of Hillel RSOs only

Meets Wednesdays at 4pm starting Jan 6th

Led by Hilary

Living 10 for 2: Camp Counselor Edition

Are you a camp counselor? Missing summers spent with campers & fellow counselors in a supportive and high-energy environment? Join us for a fun-filled conversation each week where you get to make new friends, learn new skills, and reminisce on your camp experience with people just as obsessed with camp as you. Summer fun under the winter sun!



Open to all students

Meets Mondays at 3pm starting Jan 4th

Led by Zoe

New Year, Same You

Start 2021 off right by taking some time to reconnect with yourself and others in a deep way! As a group, we'll ask ourselves big questions that will help us tap into our inner wisdom, and use our stories to bring our best self into the new year (not to mention making friends along the way). It may be a new year, but you are still the same you!

Open to all students

Meets Tuesdays at 1pm starting Jan 12th

Led by Cassie

Hillel Fresh

Want to learn how to cook, but not sure where to start? Or love to cook and looking for some new recipes? Either way,Hillel Fresh is for you! Every other week you'll get either a meal kit with all of the ingredients (Newark only) or a giftcard to a grocery store to purchase the ingredients yourself. Then we'll all hop on Zoom where we'll teach you how to make a meal (or part of a meal) using those ingredients!

Israeli Foods

Have you been craving that perfect shakshuka since you’ve returned from Birthright? Or are you asking yourself, “What is a shakshuka?”. Either way, join us as we take a taste of Israel and explore the country through its cuisine! All cooking abilities welcome!

Meets virtually every other week​

Led by Cassie

Jewish Foods

What exactly is Jewish food? Depending on who you ask, the answer could be anything from matzo ball soup to mimouna. Travel with us from the comfort of your own kitchen as we explore Jewish cultures, traditions, and recipes from all around the world! All cooking abilities are welcome!

Meets virtually every other week

Led by Cassie

Shabbat Foods

Get together with friends to learn some kitchen skills and how to prepare some of your favorite shabbat foods! Whether you're the cook in your family or you're just learning how to boil water, this group is for you!


Meets virtually every other Friday

Led by Rabbi Nick

How to Drink Like a Grownup

Your favorite senior event is back! Pick a theme and get together every other week over beer, wine, or soda (your choice!) to relax, discuss, and meet new people. Obviously, you have to be 21+ to have alcohol. Each group meets every other week.


Reflect on senior year and adulting from a Jewish lens while learning about beer and wine from different locales.


In person meets Thursday @ 7pm

Virtual meets Tuesday @ 7pm

Led by Rabbi Nick


Come explore the ins and outs of Israeli culture and politics through music! Each session, we'll enjoy drinks as we listen to Israeli songs and discuss how they connect to Israel today. 

Meets in person Tuesdays @ 5pm

Led by Cassie

Paint & Sip

Enjoy afternoons of creative expression with Paint & Sip! Connect with old friends and build new relationships as you design your very own masterpieces


Meets in person Monday @ 3pm 

Led by Zoe

Reality TV

The Bachelorette, Too Hot to Handle, Survivor, Below Deck. There's so much amazing (awful) reality TV. We guarantee the tea will be spilled.



Meets in person Wednesdays @ 4pm

Led by Hilary

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