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As college students, we are overworked. We spent way too many hours doing classwork and homework, and then on top of that we have all of our clubs and other responsibilities. After a long week, sometimes we need nothing else than just a few hours to take a step back and relax. Some people recharge by watching a guilty pleasure TV show (I may or may not be known to watch an occasional episode of Say Yes to the Dress), some people curl up with some UDairy, and some people just sleep it off. Everybody has a different way of recharging. Personally, I unwind by going to Hillel every Friday night.

It may sound like just another responsibility, but it’s not. Hillel is so much more than that. After a busy week, sometimes all I need is a few hours to not worry about anything. Friday night services give me a little bit of time to forget about everything that I have been stressing out over all week. After services each week is a delicious (and free!) dinner. And as if that isn’t enough, all of the people are fantastic. Every week, I look forward to coming to Shabbat dinner and being able to talk to all of the great friends I have made. Even as a freshman, I have found ways to become super involved with Hillel. I love that it’s now a part of my routine and that I always have something to look forward to at the end of a long and busy week. Getting to see all of my Hillel friends, enjoy services, and eat delicious food is how I recharge at the end of the week. How do you recharge? What does Hillel mean to you?


Nikki Golomb is a freshman at UD majoring in International Relations and minoring in Jewish Studies. She is originally from Olney, Maryland. As Koach's Tzedek Chair, Nikki works to incorporate community service into Koach's events.

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