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Hillel Plays Matchmaker on Valentine's Day!

Hillel is well known for giving students valuable internships, leadership opportunities, Shabbat dinners and holiday services, but for Jason and Anya Glassner, Hillel gave them love! They both took advantage of their new Jewish environment and loved being able to be surrounded by those with the same values as them. They caught a glimpse of each other at Shabbat dinner and have been happily together ever since!

Over the years, Jason was a regular at Hillel and Anya spent her junior year on the student board as Secretary. Fast forward to now, Anya, a Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management major, works for Marriott International organizing major events in the DC area. Jason has had experience with his own technology company and is also a lawyer. He is captivated by the intersection of government and technology. Both Jason and Anya still keep in touch with their Hillel friends, and continue to maintain an active Jewish life. Family and friends are extremely valuable to them as they carry their Judaism into the next stage of their lives.

Jason and Anya both strongly suggest staying in touch with Delaware and your friends, especially from Hillel. "You never know where you're going to end up, who you're going to meet, and how someone from your Jewish life might play a part in both of those. With people at Hillel, you already share a common connection." Jason and Anya are both very thankful, and feel very lucky, to have found love at Hillel.

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