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It is hard to believe that just four short years ago I was a nervous, scared and anxious freshman walking into Freshman Fest at the University of Delaware. In these years, I have learned how much an organization like Hillel truly impacted my life, and opened me up to countless amounts of opportunities and friendships. I was lucky enough to partake in many trips with Hillel, and I also become involved on campus. My first adventure was freshman year, when I had the chance to travel to Miami on an alternative winter break trip, working in intercity schools and making a difference in communities that needed it most. Furthermore, during my sophomore year I had the experience of a lifetime and traveled to Israel for my first time on Birthright. My trip to Israel was one of my most memorable moments of college, and was where I had a true connection with my Jewish values and beliefs. It is astonishing to think that Hillel sends hundreds of students each year on a free trip to Israel and how much 10 days can really influence a person’s life. In addition to traveling on two incredible trips, I also was very involved in the Campus Entrepreneurial Internship (CEI) Program at Hillel. My job as a CEI allowed me to connect with over 80 Jewish students on campus and create meaningful relationships that I know will last a lifetime. After my one-year internship, I was fortunate enough to be asked to be the CEI Advisor for my Junior and Senior years. Through this experience, I was able to help guide 17 interns in finding their “Jewish story” as they were helping me find mine. I am thankful for all the wonderful opportunities Hillel has given me these past four years and I plan to stay active in the Hillel community after graduation.


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