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Former Gov. Markell inspires Hillel Israel Leaders

On March 10th, Former Gov. Jack Markell attended the Israel Leaders meeting at Hillel. It was a very eyeopening experience. It was inspiring to listen to him speak about how he was involved in the Pro-Israel community at a very early age, and how that carried over into his career as Governor of Delaware. Meeting with Markell showed me that what I am passionate about as well as how I can carry his insight of into my future career.

The most important thing I took from being able to talk with him was how while he was Governor he not only partnered with the Jewish community, but with the Muslim and Christian community to work towards unity. Interfaith work is important to me, and listening to his stories spoke to me in a profound way. We cannot just focus on one particular group.

We have to encompass everyone, and work together to achieve our goals and bring understanding to all walks of life. This information will help me in being an advocate for Israel on campus in ways that when we plan events we will make sure to involve as many organizations as we can.


Trent currently serves as secretary of Israel U, the pro-Israel student group on campus.

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