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Natalie Ericson's Senior Story

I went on Birthright to Israel my freshman year of college.

Going on this magical trip allowed me to bond with 35 new Jewish UD students, who I might never have met otherwise.

Two girls that I met on my trip were the co-presidents of Challah for Hunger. After our trip, they invited me to come to some of the weekly bakings and I fell in love with the organization. I became the president of Challah for Hunger for the next two years.

Going to Hillel events opened the doors to many opportunities to get involved with other Jewish college students. I grew up in a small Connecticut town where the Jewish population was small. Coming to UD and connecting with other young Jewish people gave me a sense of community I never had growing up.

I'm so grateful to Hillel for creating a space, both physically and spiritually, to connect with other people. I've made some of my closest friends through Hillel, and I know those relationships will last a lifetime.

That's why I joined Hillel's Senior Committee, and made my Senior Class Gift contribution to UD Hillel. I hope you'll join and support me in making a gift today.

-Natalie Ericson

Class of 2018, University of Delaware

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