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On Tuesday, March 24th, UD Hillel hosted an awesome “Networking Night,” at the Kristol Center. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the event but I was able to interview a student who did! Junior Evan Torkel attended and had a great, beneficial experience.

How was the event set up/how did it work?

The event was very informal. After receiving my nametag with your name and major on it, I casually walked around the room having short conversations with all the professionals and getting to know them. Many of the professionals’ occupations ranged from real estate brokers, to lawyers, to people working at non-profit organizations. There were roughly twenty or so professionals here. Every student’s nametag had a number on it. That number corresponded to which table you would eat dinner at, and talk with whatever professionals were at that table (there were 7 total tables). After ten or so minutes, the students would move to the next table and talk/network with the professionals at that table.

What did you take away from the event/how was it beneficial to you?

I took away from this event that anyone, no matter what profession he/she is in, can help you network. Every person has connections with other people in different areas. I’m an exercise science major and was looking for someone in the physical therapy field to network with. Even though no medical professions were at this event, I was still able to network for physical therapy. For example, I spoke with a man who owned a few shopping centers in the Delaware area. Even though he is not involved in the physical therapy field, one of his closest friends owns a major outpatient PT clinic in the Delaware area. I got his business card and after the event, I emailed him and he put me in contact with the clinic.

I was really upset that I was unable to attend the event, but I am so glad that Evan had a rewarding experience, like many other students. I am looking forward to hopefully attending other networking events at Hillel in the future!

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