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Jules Ilian's Senior Story

In the past four years, there has rarely been a day that I have not been to Hillel.

I have had the opportunity to plan events, work with speakers, learn from experienced staff and develop my own leadership skills. I was the treasurer of a Hillel organization, president of two different Hillel organizations, and held two different internships. This is an organization that has helped me to learn how to question my beliefs, explore the ideology of others and delve further in my own Jewish journey. Without Hillel I would be an entirely different person.

The friends I have made through Hillel will be the people I still talk to at my fifty year reunion-- they will be my best friends, bridesmaids and greatest confidants.

I am looking forward to continue my relationship with Hillel as I begin my journey as a UD Alumna. UD Hillel will always have a special place in my heart. I have chosen to give my senior class gift to Hillel because I recognize that, while there is no way to quantify the positive impact which Hillel has had on my life, this is the best place to start. I hope you'll join and support me in making a gift today.

-Jules Ilian

Class of 2018, University of Delaware

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