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Libby Amer is a Junior Psychology major at the University of Delaware. She is originally from Newark, DE and went on Birthright this summer with UD Hillel. Birthright is a 10-day free trip to Israel for Jewish young adults. I was able to sit down with Libby and hear her experiences from Birthright and understand her new love for Israel.

Julie Meyer: What made you decide to go on Birthright?

Libby Amer: My two best friends who I have grown up and went to Hebrew school with have talked about it since we found out it was even a thing. Luckily, this summer it just happened to work out for all three of us!

JM: What was your greatest experience on Birthright?

LA: Just really getting to know the people and sitting down and having intimate conversations with all new people. It was nice to meet new people from campus too. It was also really great that everyone was Jewish because we are the minority so it was nice to go to a place where everyone is Jewish, we had a bond.

JM: What would be your sales pitch for someone who is considering going on birthright?

LA: Best ten days of your life! Friendships that will last forever, unlike any other experience I’ve ever done. Just do it, if you haven’t done it. It’s a free trip to Israel for ten days so why not, you’d be crazy not to.

JM: Has your appreciation for Judaism and Israel changed since this experience?

LA: Yeah, I went to Hebrew school for 7 years, had a bat mitzvah, but being in Israel makes me feel closer to people that are Jewish, it’s hard to explain, but we are more able to relate to each other. It made me more involved in Hillel since I’ve been back. And I just love talking about Israel since I’ve been back.

Libby had great things to say about Israel and could not stop raving about her experience. It is clear that she more than enjoyed her Birthright experience with UD Hillel and encourages everyone to go!

UD Hillel’s Winter trip is scheduled for December 27 to January 7. Registration for Winter 2015 Birthright is still open. Sign up now at but quick, we already filled ONE BUS!

Contact Hillel’s Engagement Associate, Jonathan Falco ( with any questions.

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