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On October 9th, Hillel and Alpha Epsilon Phi hosted a Pink Shabbat to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness month that falls during October. This event was also part of Alpha Epsilon Phi’s different events to honor breast cancer awareness and raise money for a foundation called Sharsheret. The philanthropy chair for Alpha Epsilon Phi, Julie Solomon, shared a few words on the event, Breast Cancer awareness, and Sharsheret with me. Julie explained that Sharsheret is a national non-profit organization supporting women and their families facing breast cancer. What makes this organization unique is that it is dedicated to these women fight breast cancer with Jewish backgrounds. Sharsheret connects women who have overcome breast cancer with those who are beginning the process and treatment. They create long-lasting bonds and support each other through difficult times.

At Pink Shabbat, attendees were lucky enough to hear from a breast cancer survivor, Tammy. She explained that while the treatment was extremely rough on her, she has survived breast cancer and was able to do it because she developed a great support system of friends and family. Tammy spoke after everyone got to enjoy a pink themed Shabbat with matzah ball soup and pink challah.

Julie feels extremely connected to the cause and hopes that this Shabbat and the other events on campus will help people become aware of this month and all that can be done for the fight against breast cancer.

“I hope that people are more exposed to Sharsheret after this event. I think that most people know someone who has been affected by breast cancer and the exposure of Sharsheret could spread by word of mouth and maybe get more people involved to help them through their fight. I hope that more people will come to realize that donations or just spreading awareness really does make an impact”, Solomon explained.

The event was a success and many students were able to come out (in pink!) and begin a very important discussion about raising awareness for breast cancer.

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