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C.E.I's: The Key to Free Coffee

Hillel's eight Campus Engagement Interns are always ready for a good cup of coffee and some great conversation. Their job is to build relationships with Jewish students at UD. Reach out to them! They'd love to buy you coffee (it's on the house) and get to know you!

from left to right:

Josh Nachlis

Junior, Involved in Greek Life, Kappa Delta Rho (KDR)

Melanie Sillman

Sophomore, Involved in Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEPhi), FYE Peer Mentor, a BBYO alum

Maddy LeFrock

Sophomore, Involved in Kappa Alpha Theta, KOACH, Honors Program, Running Club, Blue Hen Leadership Program and more!

Danielle Eisenman

Junior, Involved in Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEPhi), UDANCE. Danielle is an education major who has studied abroad.

from left to right:

Rebecca Kaplan

Sophomore, Involved in Troupe, Kappa Alpha Theta, ISRAEL U, Stuart. Becca loves theatre, improv, and music.

Juliet Felsen

Junior, Involved in Challah For Hunger, Kappa Alpha Theta and Intramurals.

Liv Rogal

Sophomore, Involved in Alpha Delta Pi, Honors Program, Writer for The Odyssey and Hercampus.

Jordan Abada

Junior, Involved in Alpha Sigma Phi, SGA. Jordan is a "foodie".

To learn more about the C.E.I program >> read here


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