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Why Text Study?

As Jews we are often known as “People of the Book,” an appropriate title. After the destruction of Second Temple and subsequent exile, religious sacrifices became impossible and Jewish life turned to Torah study for spiritual connection to the Almighty. The Torah, the Talmud and many other Jewish writings are important sources of Jewish history and religious inspiration.

In many ways, Judaism is a religion dependent upon scriptural interpretation and communal debate. This is why Jews all over the world meet weekly to discuss the “Parshah,” a section of the text. The Torah is not meant to be an “easy” read, it can be beautifully frustrating, inspiring, and even at times upsetting. The Hebrew word “Yisrael,” the name given by G-d to our patriarch Jacob means “He who wrestles G-d.” In a nutshell, this is what our faith is all about: wrestling with G-d. What better way to do that than by studying and discussing our text. So come take part in an ancient tradition that spans many generations, and join me every Thursday evening at 6:15 as we engage our holy Torah.

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