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You Know You're a UD Jewish Student When...

Let's face it - all Jewish University of Delaware students have more than just a few things in common. Here's the ten we found most worth noting!

1. You have mutual friends on Facebook with just about every tribe member you could think of on campus.

2. There's never not a friend available to wait on the NDB line with you on a Saturday morning.

3. All of your friends moved in a week early Freshman year due to Freshman Fest, and you never stop reminiscing on the simpler days.

4. The colors blue and gold not only just mean the coming of hanukkah season, but all things Blue Hen spirit, too.

5. If dinner conversation ever gets dry, you and your friends always have your birthright trip to reflect on.

6. If there's a familiar face in your huge Monday Wednesday Friday 9AM Smith 120 lecture that you can't recognize, it's probably because they went to camp with your best friend from home.

7. The interfaith support from one another is so immense that every holiday brings about a new opportunity for cultural immersion.

8. No car on campus? No sweat. You never have to worry about finding a ride back to spend time with family for the holidays since there's always a mass exodus among your friends.

9. And even when you can't spend the holidays with family, you always look forward to having a place to eat and observe on campus with Hillel and Chabad.

10. You know your school's Jewish community is the best you could ever ask for, and couldn't be prouder to be one of the "chosen" Blue Hens.

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