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Senior Stories - Heather Brody

"Hillel has brought me so many great memories throughout my time at the University of Delaware. Most importantly though, it brought me my best friend, Nikki. We met on the first day of Freshmen Fest and instantly became friends.

We would walk to Hillel together each week for events, holidays, and for Shabbat dinners. The people there had become like family to us and we got used to stopping by during the week just to hang out or do homework.

We both became leaders within Hillel and worked together to build upon the amazing opportunities that Hillel had offered us.

Not only had I found my best friend that year, I had found a place to call home.

I know many other students who have had similar experiences through Hillel. Hillel gives us the opportunity to be ourselves, to feel accepted, and is a place from which the most amazing relationships can begin.

Nikki and I shared an amazing four years together at UD, and we look forward to another amazing year traveling the world together after graduation. The relationships that are made in Hillel last long after our time at UD."

Heather Brody Class of 2017, University of Delaware

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