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Senior Stories - Sarah Ehrenberg

"Growing up, I had a tight-knit group of friends- none of whom were Jewish.

They would often ask me questions like, "Can we light the menorah with you?" or, "Why can't you eat bread during Passover?"


As the only Jew in my friend group, I became accustomed to explaining my religion over the years. While standing out never bothered me, I longed to feel included.

All of this changed when I came to UD Hillel.

Through Hillel, I was introduced to new friends who shared my religion and traditions. Suddenly, my new friends were asking, "Do you want to go to Seder together?" or, "Let's sign up for Birthright!"

I felt a sense of belonging that I previously had never experienced. I am grateful for the community that Hillel has offered me throughout my time at UD, and I know the connections and friendships that I made will carry on beyond graduation."

Sarah Ehrenberg

Class of 2017, University of Delaware

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