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Dos & Don'ts of Yom Kippur

It is Yom Kippur and you just returned home from Hillel(or synagogue). Your stomach is growling and you try to keep it quiet because the sun is still high in the sky. You may be thinking, how am I going to make it to Break Fast?! Here is a guide of dos and don’ts for your Yom Kippur day.

Do: Sleep

Sleep is the best way to effortlessly pass the time. All you have to do is close your eyes and let the hours pass by.

Don’t: Daydream

Cookies…Cake…Ice cream…even Grandma is going to start looking like a piece of apple pie soon.

Do: Watch TV

Reruns of Friends, or a marathon of every Disney movie ever made, sounds like a great way to spend any afternoon.

Don’t: Watch Commercials

The world seems to be mocking you on Yom Kippur because every commercial is about food. Today and only today that Big Mac will make your mouth water.

Do: Take a Walk

The weather is perfect during this time of year, so why not take advantage. Bring family and friends along with you because there is nothing better than sharing quality time with people you love.

Don’t: Walk into a Supermarket

Your stomach might take over your brain; however, do not give in! The smells may be tempting and the food may look delicious, but soon enough you will finally get the bagel and lox you have been waiting all day for.

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