The Best and Worst of Jewish Foods

*According to Kyle Basarab*


Matzoh Ball soup

I’m sure no one is surprised that this fan favorite made this list. Whether it is your grandmother’s homemade recipe, or your favorite diner or deli’s concoction, a steaming bowl of matzoh ball soup never fails to warm you up and enhance your meal. (Photocredits @Jewishfood)


If you’re like me, the smell of this meal probably has you drooling. Eating brisket on Rosh Hashana is the equivalent to eating turkey on thanksgiving. A meal without brisket on a jewish holiday is definitely incomplete.


These fried potato pancakes may even be more essential to Chanukah than… presents (cue gasp). I know that sounds crazy, but could you imagine not eating latkes around the candle light from the menorah at dinner? If you’re craving one of these crispy, greasy pancakes when it starts getting colder out, make sure to stop by Latkepallooza! (Photocredits @vegantrender)